The site sur2ouf is an autosurf that allows you to know your site and offer it a significant increase in traffic that can go up to several thousands of visitors per day.
Its operation is very simple, you visit the sites already inscribed on and in exchange for visiting your sites that are listed.
On you can register your sites, forums, blogs, etc..

By becoming a member you have :
- 2000 credits offered to the registration.
- A ratio a 0.8/visit.
- The ability to broadcast up to 10 links. 1 SINGLE link per page. (Duplication strictly prohibited).
- IP filter with the possibility to choose your capping for the circulation of your website, from the following choices :
* Without IP
* IP 1 min
* Ip 5 min
* IP from 1 hour to 24 hours.

- A timer of 15 seconds for the autosurf.
- A PTP, PTS to earn more credits.
- A sponsorship system to earn 10% of earnings of your referrals credits.
- Earn credits for a period of 7 consecutive days, with the super godfather.
- A daily bonus that you can earn from 10 to 250 credits.
- A part available per day (not combinable) games "Grid" earn 10 to 250 credits gifts.
- Participate free of charge in our 4 monthly competitions.
- Contest Surfers of the Contest Sponsors Contest Clicks - Contest PTP
- The ability to choose a different status :
* V. I. P. Bronze.
* V. I. P. Money.
* V. I. P. Gold.
- The serious and the security of the platform Paypal in case of purchase in our shop.